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S&T Art, Yamagata, Japan

Exhibition June 2021, in Yamagata, Japan

- Solo Unveiling Party 19th June 2021

- Introduction of exhibited works. August 24, 2021未分類/展示作品のご紹介%E3%80%82 :

というわけで本日も展示作品の紹介です。 (Today is the introduction of the exhibited works.)

Shining, 2021 / Pascale Ettlin, oil on canvas, 100 × 120cm

(It is a work of Pascale Ettlin that is already familiar in S&T. Of course, you can only see it here in Japan. In this exhibition, you can also see the nature of Nanbara through the window in the background. The painting resonates with the beautiful nature. It has been very well received by the visitors of this work. Again, if you don't see the real thing, you won't be able to convey the pleasure. This work has a special explanation written by the artist herself on the back. You can see the back of the canvas, which is rarely seen in museums. Please come visit us.)

【作品説明】<原文> Shining (Work description

(Text on the back in French)

D’ombres et de lumière, ton chatoiement m’attire irrésistiblement.
L’or coule dans tes veines qui relient la terre et le ciel. 
Ton rougeoiement joue sur les paradoxes. 
« Sois ce que tu voudras, nuit noire, rouge aurore » disait Baudelaire. 
Et dans mon corps tremblant tu vibres en moi irrévocablement. 

<日本語訳>『輝き』(Text on the back translate in Japanese)

光と影、あなたのきらめきはたまらなく私を魅了します。 金は地球と空をつなぐ静脈を流れます。あなたの輝きは逆説的に再生されます。
「暗い夜、赤い夜明け、あなたが望むものになりなさい。」とボードレールは言った。 そして、私の震える体の中で、あなたは私の中でどうしようもないほど振動します。 シャイニング。

【Pascale Ettlin】スイス生まれ。
(Pascale Ettlin is born in Switzerland. Her works are inspired by movies and nature. The nature in her work is colorful and figurativ, while at the same time dream-like inspiring imagination. It seems to reflect our dreams, thoughts and fears. When we look at her works, we inevitably ask ourselves and imagine multiple stories and interpretations.)


新作の案内が届きました。🤗 | S&T art (

本物を求める方はぜひS&Tへ一度いらっしゃって下さいね。というわけで本日の1品です。 S&Tでもお馴染みの Pascale Ettlin から最新作のお知らせが届いております。

(S&T Art, the 26th of december 2021:
"If you are looking for the real thing, please come to S&T art once. Here you'll receive the latest news from Pascale Ettlin, who is also familiar with S&T art.
What on earth is the girl looking at? Does the girl really exist there? It is a new mysterious work. I am drawn into the story depicted there. That's one of the attractions of the work from Pascale Ettlin. Her painting is inspired by film and nature. The nature in her work is colorful and realistic, while at the same time sparking the imagination like a dream. It's as if it reflects our dreams, thoughts and fears. For more information of course, please contact S&T art.")